C18MT37N0B Compact oven with Microwave

Compact built-in oven with integral microwave and MultiPoint roast thermometer - even more ways to cook dishes to perfection, quickly and conveniently

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  Programmes/Functions   Special Features

Compact oven with microwave - even more ways to cook quickly and conveniently.

FullTouch Control - simple, precise oven control by fingertip touch on the smooth surface of the high resolution TFT colour display.

EcoClean - the self-cleaning catalytic coating on the inside top and sides of the oven makes oven cleaning easier.

BottomClean - the special cleaning programme for the oven floor.

Modern LED lighting for bright, even illumination.

  Rapid heat
Compact oven with microwave with 13 heating methods:
4D Hot air, CircoTherm® Eco, Top/bottom heat, Conventional heat eco, Hot air grilling, Full surface grill, Centre surface grill, CircoTherm® intensive , Bottom heat, Low temperature cooking, Dough proving, Plate warming, Keep warm
Additional heating methods with microwave: Microwave, Microwave combination cooking
  EcoClean Direct : back panel, side liners, ceiling
EcoClean program, BaseClean program
Number of automatic programmes: 14 PC
MultiPoint MeatProbe
InnoWave technology for more even cooking results
Stainless-steel fan
5.7" TFT colour and graphics display with FullTouch control
Automatic safety switch off, Start button
Drop down door, SoftClose, soft opening
  Temperature proposal
Actual temperature display
Heating up indicator
automatic programmes
Sabbath setting
Permanent control panel lock
Automatic safety switch off
Residual heat indicator
Start button
Door contact switch
Microwave top door
Supporting systems: Bake and roast assist, Programs
Temperature range 30 °C - 300 °C
Max. Power: 1000 W; 5 Microwave power settings (90 W,180 W,360 W,600 W,1000 W) with Inverter (MW)
LED light
Cooling fan
Info button
Design   Standard Accessories
  Optional Accessories   Performance/Technical Information
Touch control
Bar handle
Cavity inner surface: Enamel anthracite
Silver display EasyClock
  Pull out system: 1 level telescopic shelf, standard extension
Pyrolitic proof trayholder and baking tray
  2 x combination grid, 1 x universal pan
Additional functions:
Steam cooking function
  Cavity volume: 45 litre
Length of mains cable: 120 cm
Total connected load electric: 3.65 KW
Appliance dimension (hxwxd): 455 mm x 596 mm x 548 mm
Niche dimension (hxwxd): 560 mm - 568 mm x 450 mm - 455 mm x 550 mm
Please reference the built-in dimensions provided in the installation drawing